Upon request of the Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturers, in the early 1980s, Omori completed a fully automatic packaging system to interlock, collate and wrap blister packages in aluminum foil material.

Omori North America Inc. now provides purpose built high speed form fill seal machines specifically for pharmacutical products which corresponds with the high requirements of the worlds pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our pharmacutical packaging machines achieve reproducibility, secure and stable infeed of products, reliable sealing, perfect repeatability of size change and the corresponding GMP's.

Omori has a specialized department that can provide and support a quality packaging system, start to finish.

Including pharmaceutical products, we can propose a packaging machine system incorporating the pharmaceutical specifications to medical industries such as syringe, tube, surgical knife, surgical gloves, cotton gauze and more.

North America is a leading producer of pharmaceutical products. Taking advantage of the know-how gained from Omori, Omori North America supports your needs.