OMORI MACHINERY CO., LTD. Is a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment world wide, and has been installing their machinery into the North America market through BW COONEY & Associates for more than 15 years.

In October 2012, OMORI NORTH AMERICA INC. (Subsidiary of Omori Machinery Co., Japan) was incorporated in Bolton, Ontario, Canada thru a joint venture with B.W. COONEY and ASSOCIATES. BW COONEY and ASSOCIATES will continue to operate as a division in OMORI NORTH AMERICA INC.

OMORI NORTH AMERICA INC. will be a major supplier in equipment, film and tray distribution along with systems integration to solve your packaging needs. We will continue to provide superior quality solutions resulting in reliable and efficient packaging equipment to various markets such as food, medical, pharmaceutical and many more.

We would be pleased to help you solve any packaging opportunities your company may have.

Brian Cooney

Omori North America Inc.

Updated: Jan 20,2021
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